Before & After Orthodontics

This is a gallery of patients before and after orthodontic treatment with Drs. A. & P. Hodges:

Non-extraction with Palatal Expander and Miniscrew Implants:

Premolar extractions, Palatal Expander, & Headgear:

Diastema & Missing Lower Premolars - MSI's & elastics:

Crowding & anterior Crossbite - premolar Extractions:

upper premolar extractions to avoid jaw surgery:

Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors:

Openbite Correction with miniscrew implants & extractions:

Overjet & Retrognathic Mandible treated with Herbst Appliance:

Distalization of upper teeth with mini-screw implants & elastics:

Protrusion treated with Extractions & Mini-Screw Implants:


premolar extractions with miniscrews used to retract the incisors:

Adult Missing teeth with Protrusion: Extractions, Mini-screws, & Braces:

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis - Double Jaw Surgery with TMJ Replacements, Genioplasty, & Gingivectomy:

Double jaw surgery with virtual surgical planning: